The Student's Introduction to Mathematica
A Handbook for Precalculus, Calculus, and Linear Algebra, 2nd ed.

by Bruce F. Torrence and Eve A. Torrence

This is the site supporting the book The Student's Introduction to Mathematica. Here you may download the table of contents and live Mathematica notebooks with complete solutions to all exercises appearing in the text.

Book: The Student's Introduction to Mathematica, 2nd ed.

Bruce F. Torrence and Eve A. Torrence.
Cambridge University Press, September 2008.
50 halftones, 5 tables, 220 exercises, 488 pages.
ISBN 978-0-521-71789-2.

Exercise Solutions

The links below are to Mathematica notebook files, which have been compressed into zip files. These notebooks contain both inputs and outputs, but the outputs are "closed." Either enter an input to re-evaluate its output, or double-click the grouping bracket to display the existing output.


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